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How To Create an ONLINE COURSE From Your Signature Offer (7 steps)

Use The P.I.P. Method to pre-sell your signature offer as an online group coaching program that you'll convert into an online course.

Wondering how to create an online course from your signature offer? Worry no more. You can easily accomplish this by following this guide to create an online course and incorporate your signature program.

A signature offering is a specific competence that you or your business brings to your clients.

Signature offers are mostly reserved for an entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, or online coach. They help them to be recognized in their specific niches as thought leaders or influencers.

Having a signature program allows you to sell your online course quickly, and you can make more money from it.

1. Identify your power promise

What sets you apart from the rest?

What makes you unique?

Why do clients choose to work with you again and again?

For your signature offer to be successful, you don’t need to be an expert in your field. You have to consider yourself an expert in the signature service you are offering.

Be specific about it.

If you have been working in the model 1:1 model for a while, and you pride yourself in offering customized experiences. I want to challenge you to find the common thread.

What is the primary transformation that you help your clients achieve when they work with you? Identify it and jot it down in a simple one-sentence statement. Point out a few checkpoints that a new client would go through to achieve the result.

You need to ensure that you interact with your students during the online course.

2. Select your online course model

Understanding your target market and the gap you intend to bridge will help you develop a signature system.

It will also be easy to settle on the online course model to use. Each module should clearly outline the steps to be followed as action steps and what the students will achieve once they complete the course.

There are different models that you can choose, such as:

  • Cohort model- in this model, students are grouped in batches. Take the same class together until they complete the course

  • Program model- shows the relationship between your online course and the results for the users

  • Membership model- here, the students pay a fee to access your online course or have you as their online coach.

Here’s how to choose a model that works best for you.

3. Pre-sell your offer

A pre-sale is a sale that targets your audience before your course goes live. You are selling your course to a small part of your target audience to gauge how they will receive it.

You can pre-sell your course by reducing its cost, having a sales page, or sending emails.

Use the feedback you receive to improve your content before you publish it. Polishing your content allows you to charge higher when you go live.

4. Present the course live

For your first draft of your online course, I want you to teach it to live in a group setting. Go above and beyond for the students, ensure that you bring your best.

Ask for feedback and collect testimonials. Ensure that the program didn’t leave any holes. Check out why this step is very crucial.

To have a practical live session, follow these tips.

  • Offer frequent validation for your students. It helps improve conversation with your students and encourages them not to drop out of the course.

  • Plan in advance to build on what they already know. It helps students learn new ideas to increase their pool of knowledge.

  • Have a moment of silence and self-reflection. Students cannot only catch up but also come up with questions that increase their engagement with them.

  • Have a concrete lesson plan. It ensures you don’t miss out on any critical points. Ensure that you plan well in advance.

  • Engage with your students. Ask questions, give them an avenue to ask what they didn’t understand. Review and discuss the misconceptions they had about some topics.

5. Prepare content for evergreen.

Having an evergreen course allows your students to enroll and access it at any time. You don’t have to deliver it live all the time, making it easier for you.

Once your course is ready, start inviting your students. Create pre-recorded or pre-written content to make it easier to load into your online course platform. You choose whether you’d like your students to access the content all at once or if you’d like them to access it at specific timelines.

6. Publish your course

After ensuring that your content is compelling enough, it is time to publish it! Having a platform allows you to showcase details about you and your course. You have the opportunity to use search engine optimization to bring more buyers to your website and click on your course.

7. Set up your marketing sales funnel

A marketing sales funnel outlines the steps to be taken for an individual to turn into your customer. It could be a website, email, or personal consultation. Understanding your funnel will help you realize why your prospects or visitors do not convert to your customers.

A marketing sales funnel four stages, namely, awareness, interest, decision, and action.

Your target becomes aware of your online course and what you are offering.

When a client shows interest in your online course, they are comparing it with other courses on offer. You need to help them make an informed decision and showcase what they gain from your online course.

At the decision stage, the client is ready to make a purchase. Have an irresistible offer to make the student close the deal.

In the last stage, the client takes action—purchases your signature coaching program.

You are now equipped with knowledge on how to create an online course from your signature offer. Turn your course into a self-published book that you can use as another source of income.

More importantly, a lead magnet for the top of your marketing sales funnel.

Tell me what step you'll take next to build your profitable and portable online business by dropping a comment below.

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