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How to Get More Clients For Your Online Coaching Business

When you’re just starting out in the online business world you might be looking around wondering how everyone around seems to be booked back to back with a full roster of clients all year round.

Their social pages are flooded with a never-ending stream of glowing testimonials.

Their posts are always anecdotes recounting client success stories.

And you’re sitting there like, “uhhhh how do I get that? How do I get more clients?”

If you can relate to the confusion and overwhelm of trying to figure out how to get clients for your online coaching business, look no further.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into 3 strategies to get more clients for your online business fast using exclusively free resources.

Sounding like exactly what you need?

Happy to help!

Hello again or welcome if you are new around here. I am Molly Ann Luna, your life and business success strategist.

I am ALL about helping you build a profitable and portable online business.

I want to guide you towards creating lifestyle and financial freedom, or what I like to call: building true wealth. I help coaches, consultants, and wannabe corporate escapees start, scale, and skyrocket your very own online empire.

You’re here because you want to know how to get more clients for your online business, fast and without spending too much cash.

I got you!

Take a look at these 3 tips to get you started. I’ve thrown in a bonus tip for you because I get so excited about this stuff! ⭐

1. Start With Your Network

I’m gonna go ahead and use myself as an example.

In 2011 I was a certified financial advisor, former US military, with years of experience in the corporate world. I was making a solid income and had the stability I had always dreamed of.

But - I wasn’t fulfilled.

Imagine the shock my personal network had when I started calling them up saying, “I don’t want this corporate life anymore. I am going all-in on my own health and wellness coaching business.”

Sounds wild, but this is in fact what I did!

Leveraging your immediate circle is your very best chance at finding someone who already knows and loves you and is ready to invest in your new business.

I know how scary it can be to call friends and family and say, “No, I'm not having an identity crisis, I'm feeling called to completely change my career. I want to pivot into online profits because it's the best way for me to amplify my income and impact”

Yes, it can be intimidating. And there WILL be people even on your close friends list who will doubt you.

Don’t let this fear hold you back from pulling out your cell phone and making those calls.

Get on the phone, deliver your power promise and let them know you are here and ready to help.

You might be thinking, “Hey, Molly Ann, this all sounds great, but I don’t think my personal network is really in need of the transformation I am facilitating.”

That is totally okay, but this does not let you off the hook for giving them a call.

If the person you are calling isn’t in need of your products or services, go ahead and ask them for the names and numbers of some people they think might be.

Be brave in asking for those referrals.

Remember these are your closest pals! They will want to support you in your journey of scaling your business so never turn down the opportunity to get more clients.

2. Build IRL Connections

This might come as a surprise, but one of the most effective ways to get new clients for your online business is to work on creating offline relationships.

Yes, I know you’re pivoting into the online space and focusing a ton of energy on creating connections on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but the online space isn’t everything.

Connections you make IRL will give you more authority when seeking out connections virtually.

You’ll have people from the real world who can back you in the online space and say, “Yes this person is everything they say they are and more. I love them, defs invest in their service! ❤️”

So everywhere you go: grocery store, dog park, coffee shop, the gym - do not be afraid to let everyone know what you have to offer.

My fav example of this is my client, Tara.

She is a personal trainer who specializes in helping new mommies get their pre-baby bodies back.

Tara is an all-star when it comes to making these IRL connections.🏆

Whether she’s taking the kids to an indoor play center, the local park, or dropping them off at preschool, she is always letting other mamas and teachers know what kind of transformation she can offer them.

Her warm personality and passion for what she does helps her grow these real-life connections and expand her community with every person she meets.

3. Grow Your Online Community

Once you’ve built those real-life connections it’s time to start building your online community.

Get on whatever social media of your choice and start reaching out to collaborators, content creators, and coaches to build strong peer-to-peer relationships.

In doing this you’re going to find other business owners to team up with and amplify your impact by working together.

A perfect example of this is one of my favorite co-collaborators, Lisa Simone Richards.

She helps health coaches get exposure and PR for their business.

Lisa and I share a similar audience BUT we offer completely different services.

We’ve both interviewed the other, and in doing so we have helped the other reach new target audience members without being in competition whatsoever.

I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Lisa Simon Richards, and you can find my feature on her podcast here

On Lisa’s podcast I talk all about the power of guest podcasting and how showing up and giving my expertise for free, actually netted me, not one, but 250 $4,000 contracts with clients.

Leveraging social media is an amazing way to find co-collaborators and create a relationship like the one Lisa and I have.

Get involved in networking groups and forums. Show up and ask the members of the community how you can support them and be of service to the group.

This is your time to give, give, give.

Think about ways you can provide or demonstrate your expertise in order to make lasting connections with those online gatekeepers.

Once you find the way that suits you, remember to do it consistently. Whether that’s starting a Youtube channel, Facebook Lives, or a podcast, be sure to show up in a regular way and share your brilliance with your community for free.

Remember, some of this giving will amount to nothing, but SOMEONE will notice how brilliant the transformation you are offering is and will invite you back for more opportunities.

Leveraging your connections with people in your community who have already found success building their online authority will help you get more clients. ✅

Don’t give up!

Bonus Tip: Collect Testimonials

Here’s the thing: no one ever wants to be the first one to act.

A testimonial from a past client no matter how brief your interaction with this person was, can go a long way in helping convince a new client to invest in your service.

Even people who attend your free webinars or live streams are the right candidates for giving a testimonial.

Do not be afraid to ask them about their experience going into the training vs. coming out.

These mini transformations are worth collecting a testimonial for. They will help build your credibility and ultimately your online legacy of being a go-to guru in your area of expertise helping you scale and skyrocket quickly.

This could be in the form of a written testimonial or my favorite thing: a video testimonial.

If your satisfied client or participant is willing to do a 30-60 second video describing a positive takeaway, you can push this out on all your socials.

Even these short videos can make a massive impact and help you get more clients, so be brave and ask for their support.

Soon enough, you’ll have prospective clients filling up your DMs and inbox begging for a spot in your coaching roster.💥

If you need help perfectly packaging and pricing your offer, I have an invitation for you.

I would love for you to save your FREE seat at my next masterclass, Pivot Into Online Profits.

This is the place to learn all about my PIP Method and the seven must-have mindset strategies for building a six or seven-figure online business.

In the meantime, keep in mind that so much of business building is a mental game, especially when it comes to getting new clients. So keep striving to master your mind and to live your legacy. ⭐

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