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How To Go From $0 to $100,000 in 2021

So you set a goal to earn $100,00 or more in your business in 2021?

Well, the year is halfway gone. You may not have reached the halfway point of your goal, or not even started.

However, the good news is that there is still time to achieve your goal, and maybe even surpass the $100,000 mark.

Let's get to it! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go from $0 to $100,000 in 2021.

POINT #1 - Provide Transformation, Not Just Information

As a salesperson, you should realize information is FREE. What makes you different from all the other sellers that the client has come across should be your dedication to solving the problem they are facing.

It does not how much information you give your audience; it’s about the transformation.

In simple terms, be the HERO that helps your clients on their journey! AND, they’ll happily pay for your help.

Know your power promise statement.

POINT #2 - Start Fishing - aka prospect everywhere you go

No, I'm not talking about Phishing here. I'm talking fishing with an F; think bait and hook.

Prospecting for new clients should be a continuous process for every business. You should approach people everywhere you go. It does not matter that you are in line at the supermarket, talking to fellow parents at a PTA meeting, or at a business event, you should always perform a needs analysis on everyone you meet.

Always be on the lookout for prospects and make sure that your offer is carefully curated and for whenever you have to present.

If you present your offer enough times, you'll get a client. All you have to do next is make sure you sell your offer and then rinse and repeat the process over and over.

Each time make sure that you refine the prospecting process, and as you do so, you will find that it will take you less time finding, qualifying, and selling to your prospects.

A smart way to do this is the content marketing method.

POINT #3 - Do The Math

Knowing your math is extremely crucial to achieving the goals you set for your business.

For example, you want to earn $100,000 by the end of the year (i.e. that's only six months). Let say your offer is $2000 (a one-off payment). Then you will need 50 buying customers.

Divide this by 6 to get the minimum number of buying customers each month. To meet the target, you will have to sell your offer to 8 new customers for each of the next 4 months and 9 new customers for each month for the last 2.

If you prospect and qualify your prospects well and talking to a client a day you will get 8 or more clients per month. Read more about the steps to prospecting and making sales in the guide.

POINT #4 - Believe In Yourself

Every good salesperson understands that you have to sell yourself first before you can make a sale.

Be confident and decide what you’ll like to earn. Put a plan together on how you will achieve your goal.

Follow and implement your plan.

Always make sure your mind’s eye is focused on the achievement of your end goal and not the challenges or obstacles you may face.

Believing in yourself means whenever face an obstacle or challenge, you can stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Then, move on and strive to accomplish your goals!

POINT #5 - Work With A Mentor

A mentor is essential if you want to move a step further. You may try to go it alone without any guidance, and even if you make it, you will end up taking a long time.

A mentor will not only help guide you but also streamline your business systems and processes.

You should never just choose anyone to be your mentor, have discernment and be very selective. First and foremost, the mentor’s morals, values, and philosophy align with your own before ever even investing in their free content.

What have they done? What have they achieved? What fruits are they enjoying? Is this what you want for your business and life?

Above are the most important questions to answer to help you choose a good mentor for you and your business.

But if you’re looking for a real-life living breathing mentor who can guide you successfully from $0-to 6-figures and beyond in your online coaching empire. I’m here for you.

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