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34 | How To Pitch Yourself To Land Bigger Opportunities

In order to scale and skyrocket your business, you need to have more eyeballs on your brand. One way to do this is by increasing your reach through media organizations and outlets.

Landing bigger opportunities will do wonderful things for your business, like grow your prospects list, establish credibility, and create more demand for your products and services.

That’s why you must learn how to successfully pitch yourself to land bigger opportunities doing so will amplify your income and impact. That’s why in this week’s episode of the Online Business Clinic podcast I’m sharing with you my 7 success tips to land bigger opportunities.

Before you craft your pitch…

  1. Know who you are and what it is you have to offer

  2. Know who it is you serve and what problem you help solve

  3. Have something to say - share your unique point of view.

There really is nothing new under the sun. And with Google, the answers we seek are only a fingertip away. But we don’t want a robotic solution to our problem, we want a connection. We want to be able to more fully experience ourselves through your unique view.

Once you have a crystal clear understanding of who it is that you should do your research…

  1. Know your goal

  2. Know your message

  3. Set your platform targets

  4. Begin to build relationships

The cold email pitch formula:

Create an irresistible headline - grab their attention, ‘now build that 6-figure business without a big budget’ ‘what we learned when THIS failed miserably’ ‘Mary Smith recommended l get in touch’ or make it about them and their work ‘thoughts about your latest post on ____’ ‘the one thing you need to ____ get more Money, get more energy, raise kind kids’

Build report in the body of the email - make it clear that you understand their audience and that this isn’t a mass pitch.

Show them how your expertise, product/service fits into their business.

Start with a personal introduction and then give some info about you and why you’d make a great guest.

Hone in on your expertise, share results.

Share inspirational/transitional story. ‘I listened to your episode about—- and it effecting me ——-‘ include bullet points of what you’d cover during the interview. Share great advice or strategist to help their audience solve a problem (make it brief).

Success Tips:

Personalize it: make it personal at every stage of the process that you’re trying to connect with. Reference their work and be specific as to what resonated most with you. Mention the publication and the writer’s name in the body of the pitch so they know that this was a customized pitch.

Give before you get. share their work with your audience. Seek to add value first.

Add value get in the mindset that you have value to share. ask yourself ‘how can l add value’ make your point of view timely and relevant

Package it put your content in a way that fits their mold. Avoid copy/ paste generically, Include a clear call to action in place. What is it that you want that editor to do next? Make it easy for the editor, offer to write up the full feature.

Match it match the tone of what platform you’re pitching, Don’t use jargon like innovative or unique because if it really is it will speak for itself

Follow up with a second email if you don’t hear back with bullet points

Make sure your homepage is ready to receive new leads

Now I want to hear from you!

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