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How To Promote Your Service-Based Business On Instagram (5 QUICK FIX TIPS)

Are you a service-based business owner who wants to promote your business on Instagram?

If that's you, hang tight, in this week's episode of the Online Business Clinic we're sharing 5 QUICK FIXES that will help to optimize your business profile on Instagram. Ultimately helping you attract new clients to your service-based business.

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Here are the 5 QUICK FIXES you can add to your Instagram Bio to promote your service-based business:

Branded Photo

Adding a branding photo to your Instagram bio is a must! Preferably a gorgeous professional photo if you're the face of the company. Make sure the image best represents you and your brand.

Power Promise Statement

Set your business apart by adding a powerful one sentence that sets clearly defines who you serve and how you can help. Need help writing a power promise statement? Click here.


If you have certifications or licenses, add your credentials or another piece of information that helps to build brand authority.

Personal Touch

Add a personal touch that helps your ideal client quickly and easily relate to you.

Call To Action

Clearly tell your prospective client which is the next right step to take to successfully move them along your customer journey experience. Need help outlining your MSF? Click Here.

Remember that your ideal clients are actively searching for the answers to their problems that only YOU can help solve.

So if you know that you have a truly transformational offer that could positively impact their lives get out their and unapologetically promote your service-based business.

New episodes of the Online Business Clinic drop every Monday. Get instant access to the latest in online marketing, and the latest tips and strategies on how to get the word out about your service-based business be sure to sign up for Molly Mail.

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