How to Sell Your Online Courses Without Paid Ads

Ready to pivot into online profit by building an automated digital course business?

I’m willing to bet you know the power of taking your business virtual - maybe you’ve even gone as far as building out a course or two.

Congrats to you, friend. Online profits are the way to go! ⭐

But perhaps you are just not generating the kind of sales you KNOW your programs are capable of.

First things first, don’t give up.

You know how powerful your ideas are, so let’s figure out how to get those sales flooding in.

I want to help you use intelligent online marketing strategies so that you can successfully sell your online courses in 2021 - all without paid ads (I promise, it really is possible!).

If we’ve never met before, let me introduce myself.

I’m Molly Ann Luna, your life and business success strategist. I've been working behind the scenes for the last several years for top-level seven-figure influencers helping them build out their digital courses, businesses, and self-published books.

I’m here to give you the best tips and strategies to help you start, scale, and skyrocket your own online coaching empire.

And today you’ll be learning how to sell your online courses without paid ads.

I was actually inspired to talk about this topic because of an email I received recently from Dr. Peggy DeLong.

She wrote to me saying:

“I'm a psychologist transitioning to offering my services online. I have a signature course, a course in gratitude, and another course in the law of attraction in action. I've launched this several times and I'm just not getting the results that I’d like. I know that both of my courses are amazing, I just don't know how to sell them. I need some strategies. I have a thriving one-to-one practice that I've been building for the last 20 years, but I'm ready to pivot into online profit.”

Bravo, Peggy. I'm so happy and grateful for you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

This kind of work is incredibly important. What Peggy does is SO noble - so I can’t wait to dive into her questions, give some strategies to help sell your courses, and help all of you who are reading in the process!

Now I will say this, I typically teach and preach the PIP method. Which is all about proving to yourself that your course is profitable before you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into creating a program.

The PIP method helps you avoid taking something to market and getting zero sales.

BUT - in this scenario, I know it’s possible to take all the work you’ve done and make a few simple tweaks that will create some change in the current state of your sales.

Let’s dive right in by talking about your sales funnel. 👇🏼

Learn How to Sell Your Online Courses Without aid Ads By Leveling Up Your Sales Funnel

Peggy mentioned in her email to me that she’s not a *huge* fan of sales.

And I’ll be honest, when I first started out, neither did I!

In fact, when I first started to leverage my expertise online I spent an entire month building out a phenomenal course only to take it to market and make zero sales.

This made me dread the sales part of online business ownership for a LONG time.

That is, of course, until I mastered my marketing sales funnel.

For those of you who, like Peggy and myself, have transitioned into the online space from a brick and mortar business, you’ll find that the marketing and sales funnel looks a tad different than when working with customers in person.

Understanding that difference is *crucial* to mastering your sales.

Let’s take a look at the three phases of the online marketing and sales funnel that you absolutely MUST take any cold prospect through in order to convert them into a red hot buyer.

  1. The Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is how you get fresh eyes on you and the work you do so that people are itching to learn more.

Our friend Peggy is likely struggling with this phase because there are just not enough people that know about her program to actually want to do business.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

You can start by leveraging the content marketing method.

This means putting together a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, where you address the pain points of your prospective client.

Then, you can walk them through a micro-win where you help them solve this problem step by step. 💪🏼

You pique their interest in who you are, what you do, and how your program could take this micro-win even further. In short, you’ve captured their attention, and now they’re keen to listen to you and how you can help!

  1. The Nurture Phase

Now that a prospective client knows that you exist, you’ve got to nurture them.

One of the best ways to do that is through an email marketing campaign.

You can use your social media channels or website to start building a list of people that want a direct line of communication with you.

Once you’ve got them on your list, the next step is to show up consistently and share your expertise with them via their personal inbox.

This is your chance to make that more intimate connection with potential clients and direct them towards your offers.

  1. The Purchase Phase

Welcome to the purchase phase.

AKA, everybody’s favorite phase. 😉

Your potential client knows who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and now they are taking out their wallets to do business.

Now, these potential clients are turning into paid clients. 💵

And that my friends, is how to sell your online courses without paid ads in 2021!

Using those three phases, you can attract new clients without ever having to shell out cash to buy expensive advertising spots.

You’ve got all the tools you need.

These Strategies In Action

The core question at play here is, “How do I get in front of more people?”

I want to use myself as an example.

Remember how I told you I got ZERO sales after my first launch?

Well, that sent me into a major self-doubt spiral.

I thought, “Wow, maybe my business idea is not that good after all. Maybe my program is terrible. Maybe I should just give up.”

And friends, I am SO glad I didn’t quit.

My ideas and my programs were great, but my sales tactics were not up to par.

The way I got my ideas in front of as many people as possible was by using three main strategies.

These three methods helped me build my email list which allowed me to further educate potential clients on who I am, how I can help them, and why my products, digital courses, and books are a good fit for them.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I started a Youtube Channel

Did you know that youtube is second in line for the most popular search engine after Google?

True story.

So get out there! I know not everyone is comfortable on camera, but trust me it gets way easier over time and it’s a fantastic way to get in front of a new audience of potential clients.

Starting my own Youtube channel where I show up and share my expertise for FREE has been a game-changer for catching the eye of prospective clients.

And I’m willing to bet that it could be a game-changer for you too.

Once people see your fabulous and informative videos, they will be searching for other ways to stay up to date on what you do.

That might be joining your email list, finding your website, or following you on social media, and getting into the next phase of your marketing and sales funnel.

2. I Became a Podcaster

Not only is podcasting super trendy right now, but it is an extremely effective way to reach more people.

I show up via podcast both on my own show and oftentimes as a guest on other business podcasts.

Guest podcasting has been a transformative tool for me in terms of exposing new people to my ideas. I get to share high-value content for free with a completely fresh audience on every podcast I speak on.

This is the perfect way to pique their interest and invite them to stay in touch. ✅

3. I Began Blog Writing

Now, I don’t really consider myself a writer.

I am talented at many things, but writing is something that I just can’t seem to fall in love with.

But I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to have a blog as a part of my marketing and sales strategy.

Through SEO optimization, prospective clients can find me and my work when they are looking for answers on Google.

Once my blog post has delivered the mini-transformation, they are ready to join my mailing list or follow me on social media and start their journey towards the purchase phase.

Tips for You And Dr. Delong

Now that we’ve taken a look at how I get fresh eyes on my business, why don’t we dive into Dr. Delong’s questions.

I’m gonna take a look at her website and social media accounts and give you some tips in case you’re finding yourself in a similar situation.

Tip # 1: Get On Top of Your SEO Optimization

I’ve taken a look at Peggy’s website and I just want to say, wow. ❤️

She has a beautiful, welcoming website that makes me want to know more. So kudos to her for all the hard work she has done on her site!

I noticed that Peggy already has a blog that has been going for years. Fantastic!

She has already implemented one of the three strategies for how to sell your online courses without paid ads.

But when I search the title of Dr. DeLong’s most recent blog post, “Tips for Thriving During the Pandemic”, there are 22 million results that come up.

That means that she is competing with 22 million other pieces of content.

And unfortunately, I didn’t see her blog post on the first, second, or even third page.

And let’s be real, most of us barely scroll past the first page.

So my tip for Dr. Delong in this situation would be to get on top of her SEO optimization.

She could either go in there and optimize her blog posts herself, or better yet, hire a consultant who specializes in SEOs to make these changes.

That way she can start ranking higher in Google searches.

Investing in hiring a consultant will pay off in the long run because optimizing her blog posts will help attract fresh eyes to her business.

Tip #2: Focus on TOF Social Posts

In general, your social media posts are going to be part of your middle-of-funnel marketing.

They are mostly for the folks who have already found your name through a Youtube video, blog post, or podcast and decided to give your account a follow to learn more.

But - I think it’s important to remember those new followers when creating your social media content.

And after taking a look at Peggy’s Instagram, I think this tip will be really useful to her (and anyone else who wants to warm up new leads on social media!).

While her Instagram presence is welcoming, clear, and extremely beautiful, but if I were a first-time visitor to her page I would be looking for some content that speaks to me as a top-of-funnel visitor.

I’m going to make some suggestions for how she could adjust one of her most recent posts to engage some of her top-of-funnel followers.

Her most recent picture is of a gorgeous river with the caption, “Refreshing walk today. Can’t wait to bring the Feeling Good Women’s Walking Group here.”

The picture = beautiful.

The idea of a feel-good women’s walking group = amazing. I wanna join! ❤️

But - as a first-time visitor I would be confused as to what she is talking about and how to get involved.

A post like this is only reaching her current clients.

What I would encourage Dr. DeLong to do would be to post with both the intention of nurturing her current followers and clients as well as her new followers.

So maybe in this post, she could include details about the walking group and how new members could get involved, what the benefits are, and why she started it in the first place.

Details like this can help newcomers feel welcome and nurture their interest in Peggy’s work.

Dr. Delong is doing so many things right already and I am positive that these tips could help her expand her reach and bring in fresh new eyes on her work.

Hopefully, these tips for how to sell your online courses without paid ads will give you the confidence to level up your marketing and sales funnel.

I truly believe that you don’t need to invest a whole bunch of money into ads when you can reach new people for free by leveraging your content marketing.

Your courses and programs are valuable, and they are worth the effort you put into your sales strategy.

I am so excited for all the new people that are going to lay eyes on your incredible work.

And - shoutout to Dr. DeLong for reaching out to me for strategies on how to sell your online courses in 2021 without paid ads.

I love hearing from my community members and helping you find solutions to any business questions you have! Got a question for me? Be sure to pop it in the comments and let’s chat!

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