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How To Write A LEAD GENERATING Book in 4 Weeks or Less (even if you suck at writing)

Do you want to write a lead-generating book but you don't know where to start? Use this step-by-step cheat sheet to be able to write an effective LEAD-GENERATING Book in 4 Weeks or Less.

One of the most commonly held aspirations is writing a book. For being such a common goal, it’s astounding how most people think “it overwhelming” and very difficult to achieve.

This coupled with the realization and knowledge that it can generate leads for your business, frustrations often reach an all-time high; especially for entrepreneurs that don't quite know how to write a lead-generating book.

Are you looking to establish yourself as an authority in your niche?

Do you want to know how to write a book for your coaching business or any other business?

Wondering how long does it take to write a book?

Here is the ultimate guide to writing a book for beginners that will show you how to write a lead-generating book in 4 weeks.


STEP #1 - Outline Your Prospective Client's Transformational Journey & Identify Where Your Book Will Fit In

There are 4 stages in a sales funnel; Awareness, Interested, Decision, and Action.

Your lead magnet, the book, should serve the purpose of transitioning your readers from the Awareness phase to the Interested phase.

Clearly understand WHY you are writing the book.

WHAT part will it fulfill towards gaining you new leads?

Are you looking to establish yourself as an authority in your niche?

Lead Magnet to get booked on guest podcasts?

Provide a platform to increase brand awareness?

Gain you an extra income stream?

Nothing else matters here, except the transformational journey you want your prospective clients to go through when reading the book.

STEP #2 - Identify A Pre-Problem Quick Win

What problems are potential customers going through?

The book should focus on problems closely related to those your products/services are designed to solve.

Avoid focusing on problems that are too general, or far from what your products solve that you end up with subscribers that won’t buy your products. Or, giving away everything that your potential customers no longer have to buy your product/service to get the help they need.

Finding the “RIGHT” balance is the name of the game here!

The QUICK WIN here is that the book will help transition your potential customer to the next in your sales funnel.

· Increase awareness about yourself and your business

· Tell them how interested in helping them, and how your product/service can solve a particular problem they have.

Here are pre-problem quick win examples your book can help you achieve:

EXAMPLE #1 – Midwife: - your lead-generating book could help to answer the primary questions prospective clients have before they decide to choose to work with you.

EXAMPLE #2 - Real Estate Agent: - provide awareness about you, your business and showcase your qualifications and accomplishments.

EXAMPLE #3 - Health Coach: – is your program suitable for diabetic patients? How will it help them, and what are the short and long-term benefits. Answering these questions give reader crucial information about your product before they come to work with you.

The main aim here is to help prepare them to take decisive action, say yes to doing business with you and CONVERT them from “potential” to “paying” customers!

STEP #3 - Do Your Research

What words or phrases do my potential customers type into their google search bars?

Find the main search terms and phrases that a person with the problem your product solves would type into Google Search.

This will help you come up with a title and 5-7 bullet points that are not only SEO friendly but also address the main pain points of your potential customers.

Use these to outline how you will structure the main chapters and subchapters of your lead magnet book.

Here are examples of objections, concerns, or myths that you should address:

Midwife - home births are too dangerous, what happens if something goes wrong? is it worth the investment?

Real Estate Agent - owning a home is too expensive, my credit score sucks, how do I choose a home loan? how much home loan can I afford?

Health Coach - I’ll have to give up my favorite foods, my social life is dead, managing this is going to be hard, what will my friends think?

The primary objective here is to address and put to rest any objections, concerns, or myths that potential customers may have, and paint the picture of possibility. A possibility that if they use your product/services, their problem will be solved.

STEP #4 - Outline Your Books Main Points

How and when should I write a book outline?

While there are arguments for, and against, creating your outline before doing your research, it should come before you start writing your book.

Choose a logical outline for your book’s main points as this will help make your flow easier.


POINT #5 - Get To "Writing"

There is no hidden secret on how to begin writing a book. Once you figure out the right title and outline the main points, it is time to start writing.

Make sure your writing follows the POINT>STORY>POINT format.

· Make a POINT

· Write a story, an explanation, proof, or examples to further elaborate on the point.

· Re-emphasize the point.

REMEMBER: The most important thing is to focus on the transformational journey I want to take the reader through, rather than the actual length of the book.

For amazon to take your book to print, it has to be at least 24 pages.

To make the writing process easier and a lot more efficient, you need to break it down into small chunks.

Aim to write at least a chapter a day for 7 days.

My book is 7 chapters and 12,700 words long. That’s roughly 1500-2000 words per chapter. Writing a chapter each for a week is more manageable than writing the whole book in one sitting.


POINT #6 - Read & Then Re-Write Your Work

Read your finished book taking in the information. Make any changes that need to be done and then re-write the book.

Although it might feel redundant, rewriting your book will give you an energy of certainty and an air of authority about your subject matter. This will make the book more compelling to the reader and convert them to loyal and paying customers.


POINT #7 - Delegate & Design

If you’ve done what you can do, head over to, Upwork, or similar sites and find a good editor to go through the book.

Hire an experienced book format expert to correctly format the book according to the required guidelines provided by Amazon.

Get a graphic designer for the cover of your book. You may even DIY if you are good with platforms like

Once done, get a team to upload your work to Amazon, and voila you are a published writer.

Now you have a lead-generating book that you can take to market and start using to book yourself public speaking and/or guest podcasting gigs.

Point #8 - Not a writer?

So you are afraid that after hours of banging your head against your keyboard, pouring your soul into this creative project it won't sell? Or, you feel you do not have the skills to write the book yourself? Or, even though you can write, doesn't that mean that you want to?

Why not reverse engineer the process?

Do what I do!

Come up with the idea and then use the P.I.P Method to pre-sell the idea as a group coaching program.

Get paid to have a group of students helps you create a digital course that you can then easily transcribe and convert into a book.

One chapter is roughly a 10-13 min video.

I teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to create two new streams of income for your coaching business. A digital course that you can sell again and again on automatic, plus a lead gen book that will help to attract new clients to your automated digital course on-demand.

Apply now for my signature program, The Income Amplifier.

Tell me what step you'll take next to build your profitable and portable online business by dropping a comment below.

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