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I'm DONE with THIS! | Molly Ann Luna

I want this to be a place that you feel comfortable coming back to time and time again. If you are interested in figuring out how to achieve lifestyle and financial freedom through the power of an automated online course business, I want this to feel like home for you.

And I need to do a better job at coming across on camera in a fun and authentic way. I want to figure out a new style. I will figure out a unique style because I'm here for you. I want you to experience the freedom I can share today. It allows me to work less in part-time hours from home.

Some days I wonder why I'm so crazy to make this choice, but I'm actively choosing to stay at home with the kids, to homeschool the kids, and to mesh every aspect of my life, career, and business with family all of the time.

Except for this moment, I was able to convince Javon to take the kids to the park and give me a moment to breathe, which I'm choosing to spend with you because you're important to me. But I recognize that I need your help. Let me know if you've got ideas or suggestions about what you want to see on this channel by leaving me comments below the video.

My intention with starting this channel was to teach you how to turn all of the gold nuggets in your mind into automated online passive income via digital courses and self-published books.

And to honestly share with you all of my best tips and strategies to get you there faster. Because it has given me the freedom to spend my days as I please with my family and not stress about where my next dollar will come from.

It's such a liberating life, and I want that for you. So I'm making a vow to do better. I'm going to try to do better. But I also kindly ask for grace because I don't know what the frick I'm doing, but I'm willing to give myself permission to learn.

So right now, my daughter is currently learning reading and writing skills, and she gets really frustrated with herself. And I'm like, "No, baby, it's OK." Life is about learning new skills and just refining that. And we have to permit ourselves to. It's OK not to be great at anything, or even good or even OK at anything when you first start. So that is the space that I'm in right now.

The skills that I would need to be successful, some of which I have a long list of but would be how to use this camera properly, how to tell a good story, how to show it more authentically on camera, and how to edit, things like that. I have no skills in any of that.

And it's a little scary because I feel like at 36, I should be good at many more things than I actually am. But also, I have to remind myself that life is about learning. So I'm permitting myself to dive into it deeper. The content, the episodes that might be rolling out over the next couple of weeks or months, or however long it will take, might look different. And so I want you to roll with me here.

I am still determining how I will do it, but I will figure it out. I will infuse more of those tips and strategies with real life and stories, and I don't know, things that are fun to watch. And if that is a journey you're willing to take with me, I'd love to have you along for the ride.

And I could use your support and encouragement by simply saying, "Yep. You know what? I'm going to make sure I'm subscribed. I'm going to turn on the bell notification.

And I plan to tune in to Molly's next video. And if I like it, I will hit that thumbs up. And if I like it, I will leave her a comment." Because those are the things that tell me as a creator, "Hey, keep going."

Thank you!

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