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Make Money Online 2022 with These Digital Products to Sell Online | Molly Ann Luna

You're busy. You are juggling the house, the kids, school work, extracurriculars, and strategizing for your family's future financial plan to achieve financial independence.

You want to make money online. Passive income is the goal. You've been bouncing around a few business ideas. It would help if you had something that doesn't take too much time and you want to make money online TODAY.

You've heard that selling digital products, selling digital products online is the way to go. Still, if you're being honest, you're not entirely sure what is considered a digital product, which digital products to sell online, how to create digital products or anything about digital marketing.

Have no fear. In today's episode of the online business clinic, I'm going to share with you a coach's best-kept secret. This resource will allow you to start making money online selling digital products without having to write a single word from scratch so that you too can make money online 2022 (and beyond), so be sure to stick around until the end to get all of the juicy details.

If this is our first time meeting, welcome. I'm business strategist Molly Ann Luna, and I'm all about helping you leverage intelligent online strategies so that you can create multiple streams of passive income for your household and achieve financial independence faster.

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Over the last few years, selling digital products online has been how I've financially provided for my family, primarily via digital courses and self-published books, working less than 20 hours/ week, and earning more than 6-figure annually.