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Online Side Hustles: 7 Ways to Make Money Fast

Want to make money online fast?

Then stay tuned. This week's Online Business clinic episode covers seven fun online side hustles anyone can start with a computer and internet connection.

Since kicking my corporate job to the curb in 2011, I have worked most of these online side hustles. They are fun, and easy to get started. We will talk about the pros and cons of each and give you resources so that you can start your online side hustle today.

We are doing this countdown style; I am saving the best for last, so be sure to stick around until the end.

​​7. Customer Service Representative

With technology becoming more accessible and easier to use, more people turn to the internet to help them solve their problems.

From how to build a credenza to parenting, to achieving financial independence or establishing an automation sales funnel.

As a customer service representative, you are the first point of contact, the company's voice. Your primary role is to be the lesson of communication between the customer and the company.

They ensure that the customers get the help they need, whether answering phones, providing live chat support, or answering emails.

There is no shortage in demand for this online side hustle, from sales assistants to tech support.

Whether you want to work for a large corporation like Google or Facebook or perhaps an independent company, there is no shortage of need for a customer service rep.

Pro of being a customer service representative:

+work remotely

+high-income potential

+flexible schedule

+little to no skills or qualifications are required

+get paid to strengthen your communication skills

Cons of being a customer service representative:

-potentially high-stress dealing with demanding customers

-potentially long hours on the phone

-problems you have to face but can't solve directly

-depending on the job, you might have to follow a schedule you do not like

How to become a great customer service representative?

  1. Have integrity and set expectations for your customers. Let them know if you can or cannot help them, how long it'll take, and provide relevant honest information.

  2. Stay calm. It is best not to let them negatively get to you when dealing with angry customers. They are in pain, and you have the solution. Take a deep breath and remember it's not personal.

  3. When a disgruntled customer shares their concern, acknowledge their feelings, stay positive, and do your best to help them resolve the issue quickly.

  4. When a customer is required to wait, try to engage in small talk to strengthen the connection and trust with the company. Be sure the topic is appropriate and remain professional.

Customer service rep earning potential ranges:

$25 to $65K+ annually – for part-timers, hourly rates average around $10-$30 per hour.

Sites to use to become a customer service representative

6. Voice Acting

Has anyone told you that you have a great voice? Do you consider doing voiceover work as it can be a great way to make money online quickly?

To get started as a voiceover artist, you just need a smartphone or laptop, a microphone, and a quiet space to record.

You can do the job from anywhere in the world so long as you have an

Internet connection.

Some examples of voiceover work you could be doing are:

  • Corporate videos

  • Video games

  • Advertisements

  • Short films

  • Digital courses

Voiceover actor earning potential:

As a voiceover artist, you could earn $200 to $600 for a gig. It all depends on the gis and the companies budget.

Your freelance talent could be used to complete animation, radio, film, documentary, corporate content, video games, and other projects.

Pros of being a voice over representative:

+you don't have to have a traditional radio voice to get started; if you can

Speak clearly and read you can do this job

+fun and flexible, work as little or as much as you want from anywhere in the world

+getting started doesn't have to cost you much of anything if you have a smart phone or a laptop you're well on your way. You can get a lapel mic for $20 on amazon or upgrade slightly to a yeti for $100

Cons of being a customer service representative:

-like any online side hustle, building credibility is key to making more

money fast, it could take a little time to build your brand portfolio

-audio equipment could be pricey; as you grow as an artist, you might

Want to uplevel your equipment, and depending on what you buy it could add up

Sites to use to become a customer service representative

5. Social Media Manager/Moderator

Social media marketing is hugely popular, as you know. With new social platforms popping up left and right, the profession of Content Creator is becoming more and more popular.

Those content creators could use a social media moderator; you're main

The job would be to keep the pulse on what others are saying about the brand or

The business you work with. Potentially you'd be in charge of scheduling content

Posts and engaging with the audience. Blocking spammers and following up in the DMs.

Pros of being a social media moderator:

  • Work anywhere anytime

  • Easy to use software to make your job easier

  • You don't have to interact with people physically

Cons of being a social media moderator:

  • negative comments and complaints will come up, and that be an energy drain

  • Believe it or not, staring at a computer screen or Chatting on the computer all day can get tiring.

  • Dull if you like physical interaction.

  • It can take up a lot of your time if you do not know when to rest, as social media operates 24/7.

Becoming a social media moderator success tips:

  1. Filter the content you're viewing to avoid getting overwhelmed with media.

  2. Watch what the b