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Self-publish Books Here Instead of Amazon KDP

Self-publishing has become increasingly popular among coaches looking to share their insights, wisdom, and experiences with a wider audience. While Amazon KDP has been the go-to platform for many, there are other options worth exploring. Here are five alternative self-publishing platforms and why they may be a better fit for your needs:

Draft2Digital: This platform allows you to distribute your book to multiple retailers, including Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. This gives you the advantage of reaching a wider audience and potentially increasing your sales.

  1. Smashwords: Similar to Draft2Digital, Smashwords also distributes to multiple retailers, but also offers its own marketplace. This allows for additional exposure and the ability to track your sales in one place.

  2. Lulu: This platform is great for those looking to self-publish a print book. Lulu offers professional book printing and distribution services, making it easy to bring your physical book to market.

  3. BookBaby: This platform offers a range of services, including editing, design, marketing, and distribution. BookBaby caters to authors looking for a one-stop shop to get their books published and in front of readers.

  4. Createspace (now merged with KDP): While technically still part of Amazon, Createspace offers a different publishing experience with a more hands-on approach to book design and distribution. It also allows for greater control over pricing and distribution, making it a good option for those looking for more control over their publishing journey.

Ultimately, the self-publishing platform you choose will depend on your specific needs and goals. Consider the services offered, distribution channels, and pricing options before making a decision. By exploring alternative platforms, you may be able to increase your exposure, reach more readers, and ultimately achieve greater success with your book.

For more help on marketing and selling your self-published book tune into this episode next.


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