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Standard Operating Procedure Checklist for Your Online Business | Molly Ann Luna

You're not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed with your online business. There are many moving parts, and it can be tough to keep track of everything.

This standard operating procedure checklist will help you stay organized and on your game.

Follow these steps, and you'll be running a smoothly operating online business in no time!

Why might you need an S.O.P. checklist?

You might think of an S.O.P. checklist as needed for big businesses with many employees. Still, a small business owner or even a solo entrepreneur beginning to build S.O.P. is an intelligent way to set your business up for success.

Establishing standard operating procedures early on can...

  1. Better Manage Your Team

  2. Maintain and Improve Quality

  3. Reduce Business Risk

What is an S.O.P. checklist?

An S.O.P. checklist is a particular standard operating procedure format that arranges job tasks, functions, or other processes in a checklist format. They are often included in more essential S.O.P. documents, but S.O.P. checklists can also stand on their own.

Types of S.O.P. checklists

  • Content Marketing Management S.O.P.: step-by-step instructions on publishing blog posts to your website, frequency and time of posting, steps to promote new blog posts via social media, etc.

  • New Client Onboarding S.O.P.: Steps you take as a business to add a new customer

  • Client servicing S.O.P.: Steps to handle common customer requests and complaints

How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure

step by step standard operating procedure template

  • Step 1: Collect Data.

  • Step 2: Choose a Format.

  • Step 3: Involve Employees.

  • Step 4: Define Scope.

  • Step 5: Identify Target Users.

  • Step 6: Develop Your S.O.P.

  • Step 7: Review, Test, and Edit.

  • Step 8: Implement the S.O.P.

Who writes S.O.P.s in a company?

Ideally, the person who performs the scope of work regularly should be the one to create and update the team's standard operating procedures.

A good tip is to have the creator send the S.O.P. to another team member for review to ensure that it's straightforward to follow.

What does a good S.O.P. look like?

A good S.O.P. is worded and easy to read. Well-written S.O.P.s have short and simple steps.

Here is an example of how my team manages the S.O.P. of our weekly content creation.

For other tasks, we use a basic pdf that clearly defines each section required for the job to be complete.

Get your free Standard operating procedure sample pdf.

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