The 3 Master Keys You’re Missing That Will Unlock 7-Figure Business Success

I tried to grow an online course business for quite a while until I noticed that other course creators were getting way more course sales on every course they made.

They seemed to get a ton of interest. Their enrollment numbers were skyrocketing like crazy, and they did not just have a good course; they had testimonials of people singing their praises, which began to drive me insane.

I could not figure out what they were doing that I was not, and I felt trapped.

Oh, what are they doing that I am not? What the heck?

To make it worse, I had all these people IRL saying how they would love to work with me.

However, my online business growth needed to reflect that. Moreover, on top of that, the digital content I was making was packed with great information.

All these faster-growing businesses, well, they all felt more basic, and no matter what I tried, I could not seem to get lucky, like it felt like they always did.

I had yet to realize that luck has got very little to do with growing a profitable predictable automated online course business and that the reason these other course creators were growing was pretty simple.

They held the three keys for online business growth, while I had none. Moreover, what is even worse is I was not even aware that there were any keys to get me out of my invisible prison, but when I finally discovered them and made some significant changes, my entire life changed. Suddenly I was the one making the sales.

Besides that, I started to pass this information on to my clients, and booyakasha, thousands of dollars started appearing in their bank accounts.

These three keys are pretty simple, but they have one huge problem. Let us have a look at what those keys are that you have to hold onto for success.

Okay, so let us pretend to grow an online business. All you have to do is wall through a hallway from one end of it to another, which sounds easy.

To make things more complex, though, are three doors down the corridor that you have to unlock, stopping you from getting to the end and hitting your goals.

You will only scale your business if you unlock one or two of them.

The businesses that grow the fastest and get the most sales have all three keys to these doors, but sadly, most people don't even have one.

So the first of the three keys is your proprietary success formula or signature curriculum.

Now, people struggle to understand that they have a unique way of solving a problem, and if that answer is appropriately positioned and primed for sales, it goes further faster.

Without an understanding of what makes your solution unique, your business growth is destined to be stunted. The biggest problem in entrepreneurs trying to attract new clients is that they speak too broadly but do not zero in on being known for solving one core problem.

All right, so you have the key to door one, however. So you open it, walkthrough, and are met by door two. What is the key that's going to open that for you?

Well, this is your proprietary success formula packaged in digital assets.

It's how you'll deliver on your paid promise in a scalable way, and this is undoubtedly the number one thing most educators, services-based professionals, and creators need help to crack the code on.

When you are so close to the expertise, it is challenging to turn that gold mine of answers in your brain into downloadable digital assets that can be served on a mass scale, but there is an easier way to extract this gold. There is a way that you can not only extract the gold nuggets answers of your mind but get paid to do it.

It just requires you to pre-sell your offer as a live group coaching experience and have your paying clients pull the info from you in Q&A sessions while recording the video conference call.

And then, when you discover how to open door two, you get through to the third and final door, and this is your automation sequence, or as I like to call it, your evergreen money-generating machine.

Opening this door wide requires a skill stack of 5 professionals, and with time, study and practice, you can achieve it but at an excruciatingly slow rate.

It would help if you outlined your ideal client journey from where they are to where they want to go and differentiated yourself from the other experts on why you're the best leader.

You must make your prospect feel something with your sales pitch, and that attracts them to your offer, and it's how strangers become paid clients, and that's why these three keys are so essential.

You just have to make an eye-catching automation funnel people will click on and buy your offer that they're willing to complete and experience the transformation.

But the massive problem with this entire simplistic idea of an automated online business is it's so flipping hard.

Oh yeah, just create digital assets that hide behind a client-attracting sales page people click on and want to throw their wallets at.

Thanks for that fantastic advice, Molly.

How the heck do you do that?

And this is where the Amplify Program comes in.

It's an intense 12-week program that will give you the skills and professional support you need to find the three keys that unlock your business growth.

Now, this is not a sit there and watch a few videos, collect the puzzle pieces and assemble it yourself sort of program, no.

This is a done-with-you, live coaching experience with set checkpoints that you must hit by a time-sensitive deadline of 12 weeks.

It is a weekly group hot seat and Q and A.

Success sheets, checklists, swipe files, templates, community feedback, and revisions are done by you and our team of professionals to ensure that by the end of the experience, you have a fully automated business up and running; it's a lot of work.

So it is not for anyone other than highly driven individuals who are incredibly serious about scaling their business and massively amplifying their income, and it's not for people who just want to sit there passively and watch mounds of cash fill their bank accounts.

This program is designed to turn you into automated income streams and increase your ability to serve more people across the globe, working fewer hours than you ever have before.

Now, in the first four weeks, we're going to look at unlocking door number one. This is all about outlining your propriety success formula and packaging it for automated online delivery. That allows you to leverage intelligent, low-cost tools to solve the core problem. You solve pushed out into the world and across the screens of your ideal paying clients—allowing you to get paid to turn your 1:1 client experience into a highly scalable program.

Then in the next four weeks, we're looking at kicking down door number two. Focusing on how you will deliver on your core promise with a super high-quality course and lead gen book that will boost your brand credibility, attract new clients like a magnet, and provide you with an additional revenue source.