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The EASIEST Online Side Hustle You Can Start Today To Make MONEY Online | Molly Ann Luna

Are you looking for a way to make money online? One that doesn't require a specialized skill set? And costs nothing to get started?

If so, you'll want to keep reading to discover the easiest online side hustle to make money online while working from home that you can start today!

The passive income idea I'm about to share with you has helped me work from home part-time, earn six figures annually, and afford the freedom to homeschool, my kids.

As an online business coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs streamline business systems and processes, I haven't found an easier online side hustle to start than publishing low-content books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Low-content book publishing - what is it?

A low-content book has minimal or no content on the interior pages. These pages are generally repetitive and designed to be filled in by the user.

What are the benefits of low-content book publishing?

Publishing low-content books is a no-risk, high-reward opportunity that anyone can start. Since most pages are primarily blank, no writing is required. No need to be an English major to publish a book.

Like any passive income stream, a little upfront work is required. Still, once you've created your low-content book and set up the publishing process, the entire thing is low maintenance.

Not to mention a huge confidence builder to encourage you to begin making multiple streams of passive income and get one step closer to achieving financial freedom.

What types of low-content books can be published through Amazon KDP?

The different types of low-content books published through Amazon KDP include notebooks, planners, journals, prayer journals, food logs, and other similar works.

How to publish on Amazon KDP low content books and make money?

The process is pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to

  2. Set up an account

  3. Follow the prompts

For a more in-depth breakdown, tune into my other recently published two videos that break this topic down further.

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How much does it cost to self-publish a book?

Using the Amazon KDP platform is free; you pay no upfront costs. It costs you nothing to self-publish and distribute your low-content book.

Note that Amazon will take a portion of your book's earnings to print, ship, and/or any additional service fees they deem necessary, but fear not; it still leaves you with the opportunity to earn up to 60% royalties after the book print price.

How long does it take to sell low-content books on Amazon KDP?

With Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can self-publish your book on Amazon and start making money in as little as 24 hours.

Your published works go through a brief review process to ensure that you're incompliance. Once approved, your works are made available for sale to Amazon shoppers.

What can you expect with amazon kdp earnings?

On average, you can make $1.00-$3.00 per sale from Amazon KDP selling a low-content book.

While results are never guaranteed, the top-selling low-content book creators on Amazon can sell anywhere from 5,000-20,000 books per month, netting them around $7,500-$30,000 in royalties.

Not bad, huh?

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How do I create a low-content book?

Thankfully creating a low-content book to sell on Amazon KDP has never been easier.

If fact, I'll show you how to do it step-by-step in less than X minutes in the next episode.

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