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Try this highly effective lead generation strategy to get more high-paying clients for your business

Why is getting the word out about your business and generating steady quality leads so hard?

In this episode, you'll discover a highly effective lead generation strategy to help you get more high-paying clients for your business faster.

I'll share with you how you can implement this strategy today with no marketing budget and a standard tool you use daily.

This highly effective lead generation strategy is the same strategy I've used to land multiple 5-figure clients. And it's the same lead generation strategy that generates leads for my business 24/7.

This client-attracting lead generation strategy is also what my best students inside the Legacy Leaders Academy use to quickly and easily get more high-paying clients for their businesses.

This lead generation strategy works whether you have an online business selling digital products or operate your business in-person selling physical products.

Take, for example, Jovan.

Jovan is a door-to-door salesman who sells solar. And has used this lead generation technique to support his personalized in-person service business.

Whether you sell physical or digital products, you have to have clarity on your business's mission to get more high-paying clients by answering these questions; who are you trying to serve, how are you going to serve them, and why.

In Jovan’s case:

Who: Homeowners

How: Go Solar

Why: To Help Them Own Their Power

Before you can ever sell another person on your product, service, or idea, YOU must buy in first.

When sold on your product or service, you will naturally exude enthusiasm, and that enthusiasm is attractive.

We're social creatures, and a simple smile goes a long way, but this can be challenging in our current mask-up social climate.

Did you know that the average high-paying client needs to have roughly seven touchpoints with you and your business before making a buying decision?

As a business owner, you must create consistent value and trust for your prospective clients.

There's no easier way to do this than by physically being in front of your people continuously.

But whether we're in the middle of a pandemic, getting the word out about your business isn't easy.

That's why this highly effective lead generation strategy to get more high-paying clients for your business faster and to get the word out about your business 24/7 365 is by using video.

It costs nothing to create and is the only tool you need you already have in your hand.

A quick recorded video clip scripted to serve your client, not sell your client. Can quickly and easily build rapport with a cold prospect who you met in person.

The key here is to build consistent value and hit those seven critical touchpoints needed for your cold lead to convert into a red-hot high-paying client.

Video marketing has (is) playing a huge role for me in my business.

I met my first high-paying client by bumping into her in a women's bathroom at a conference.

My sparkling personality immediately won her over. She was interested in working together, but no contracts were signed at that moment.

Instead, we exchanged phone numbers and went out separate ways.

A few weeks later, she called me up and said, "OMG, I've been binge-watching your videos, and we HAVE to work together."

Remember, I had no paid products or services at this time, just a willingness to serve.

Together we defined the terms and conditions of our working relationship, and I soon collected my first of many 4-figure invoices.

But this was no one-hit-wonder.

I continued to leverage the power of video using the S3+S method (serve, serve, serve, sell).

I published a video and soon had another 7-figure business owner reach out to work together.

The videos you make don't have to be long. You don't need any fancy equipment. You don't even have to be a pro on camera.

Speak from the heart and share your mission and message. A short video published where people can watch it 24/7 is a powerful tool to help you quickly generate more leads for your business.

Have you tried using video marketing to generate leads for your business? What's been your experience?

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