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What You ACTUALLY Need To Run A 6-Figure Coaching Business Online

"Maximizing Your Online Coaching Business with the Right Tools"

As a coach, you have a passion for helping others and a desire to turn your expertise into a successful business. Running a 6-figure coaching business online requires more than just a great website and a strong following. To maximize your potential, it’s important to have the right tools in your toolbox.

Here are some key platforms that every online coach should have in their arsenal:

  1. ConvertKit - This powerful email marketing platform allows you to manage your subscribers, send automated email sequences, and create opt-in forms with ease. It’s an essential tool for growing your audience and building relationships with your clients.

  2. Stripe - This popular invoice processor makes it easy for you to accept payments from clients and manage your financials. It’s secure, user-friendly, and integrates seamlessly with your website.

  3. Zoom - Video conferencing has become a crucial part of running an online coaching business. Zoom offers a reliable and affordable platform for virtual coaching sessions, webinars, and group calls.

  4. Canva - This design platform is perfect for creating eye-catching marketing materials and digital products. With its user-friendly interface, you can create beautiful graphics, flyers, and e-books with ease.

  5. Thinkific - This curriculum host allows you to create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and memberships. It’s a great way to diversify your income streams and reach a larger audience.

  6. Website - a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization

  7. YouTube - This video hosting platform is a great way to share your expertise and build your brand. You can use it to upload video content, live stream coaching sessions, and host Q&A sessions with your clients.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need to run a successful online coaching business. By streamlining your processes and maximizing your reach, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your 6-figure goal.

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