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What You Need to Know About Starting a Digital Course Business:13 Myths Busted

Remember those baby steps you took when you were little? Now imagine if someone had told you about some requirements that you must have before walking?

Despite how easy it's becoming to start an online business from scratch, most entrepreneurs suddenly hit a wall when it comes to how to create an online course that sells.

Certain preconceived notions may discourage you from taking those baby steps and successfully start an online digital course business.

Think of these ideas and notions stopping you from creating an online course that sells as myths. They aren’t true.

Let’s debunk some common myths about what it actually takes to start a digital course business countdown style.

#13. You Have to Have Everything Figured Out Before You Get Started

Not the case.

Your digital course doesn’t have to be perfect for you to create a successful online digital course business that sells.

Perfection is subjective.

If your digital course can solve a problem, then it’s worth launching.

#12. You Need Big Launches to Build a Big Business in Order to be Successful


Most online influencers make money selling online courses without big launches at first. Knowing which strategy to deploy when is key.

One smart move for you would be to create an automated sales system that consistently help you grow your audience and later convert potential customers to high-paying customers.

The Income Amplifier Program will show you how.

#11. You Need a Large Email List Before You Start


While having a big audience or mega-marketing list is great, it’s not necessary when you’re first starting out.

You can still have big financial success with a micro-list or small social media following.

We all started walking by taking baby steps. So you don’t need an email list to start an online business.

A small number of high-quality prospects is enough for you to kick start your digital course business.

You can build an email list as you progress to enhance marketing your online course. But it isn’t a necessity for you to start.

#10. The Profitable Topic Myth

Most times, I hear from people that some topics are more profitable than others, but this is not true.

There is no such thing as an unprofitable niche.

Your digital course business can be highly profitable as long as it can solve a challenge in someone’s life.

Whether the problem you solve is to help someone obtain a soft skill or hard skill, so long as it helps them achieve the desired result, people will happily pay you for your help.

#9. You Have to Sell High-Ticket Digital Courses to be Successful

Your digital course doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars for you to hit the 6-figure mark. Many course creators make money selling online courses for hundreds of dollars or less than that.

One of the ways you can successfully sell a well-paying digital course is to create a low-cost or free course, which leads to your next higher-priced course or service offer.

With this strategy, you can sell different courses to the same customer, rather than acquiring a new customer every time you want to sell at a high price.

#8. More People Will Buy My Course If I Charge Less

The price of your online course should reflect the value you offer. You don’t necessarily have to charge less to sell more.

Most people value things based on their price, and they will place more value on your course if you value the online course you are selling.

Your ideal clients are willing to invest their time and money into an online course so long as the outcome provides a transformation.

#7. No One Will Pay for My Digital Course Because the Answers are Available for Free

While yes, technology has made information more easily accessible.

Learning has a process, and people are looking out for someone who can guide them and reduce their learning curve.

Now more than ever people are overwhelmed by information and instead are seeking transformation.

People are willing to pay you for your unique view and teaching style so long as you can lead them to where they want to go.

#6. The Competition Myth

Some people perceive competition as bad, but I want you to think of it like this.

Competition in the online marketplace shows that people are interested in your niche, and more importantly willing to pay for results.

While there might be several courses on your topic, most people choose to enroll in particular online courses because of the teacher.

You are unique, and you have a different perspective that people are looking for.

So irrespective of the competition, you can create quality content and build an audience for your online business by sharing your unique point of view, style or strategy.

#5. Technology is Hard

It can be overwhelming if you are not technologically inclined, but the truth is that you don’t have to be a tech person to start an online digital course business.

Some available platforms and services are user-friendly to enhance creating an online business course.

If I were able to navigate to this episode, you already have all the tech skills you need to build a wildly successful digital course business. Seriously!

#4. It’s Really Expensive to Create and Launch a Digital Course

I hear a lot that you have to invest a lot of money to create an online course that sells.

Well, there is some cost involved in creating quality content for your digital course business, but you don’t have to spend 5- figures on ads hoping to make it back.

It’s now becoming easier and affordable to launch an online business course, and you can even sell your courses without a website or before you finish creating everything.

The Income Amplifier Program shows you ho