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When Your Client Says “Your Price Is Too High” TRY THIS!

“Wow, you charge how many THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS?! That’s cheap! You should charge me more.

“Said, no one.”

Most clients say the opposite.

When Your Client Says “Your Price Is Too High” how do you respond?

In this episode, you’ll discover exactly what to say to your prospective client when they give you the sales objection “your price is too high”.

Do you have a suspect or prospect?

Here’s the deal.

A prospect is only a true prospect when they need what you have, they want what you have, can use what you have, and can afford what you have.

The reason why a client might say your price is too high is that they don’t see the perceived value in your offer.

Here’s what you can say…

“I understand that you think the price is too high, so tell me is it price of value?”

This is what’s known as a mental Pattern Interrupt - Value vs. Price?

You say, “Price is a one-time thing, value is a lifetime thing. A lot of people can beat us on price, but nobody can beat us on value.”

Here’s a sales scenario for you.